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Empowering sustainable homes

We are seeking for solutions that empower people to live sustainably by enlivening home consumption data.

  • sustainable cities and communities
  • responsible consumption and production

We believe that people don’t want to make unsustainable decisions. They do so because of lack of knowledge and feedback. People need tools, reminders and incentives to understand the impacts of their daily behavior. There is no solution nor standard on the market that would make the home consumption data visible, easy to react to and understandable.

In 2050, three billion more people more will be living in cities. Fira, a fast growing and internationalizing Finnish construction company aims to create a phenomenon #buildingmovement that enables people to co-create smarter societies. As part of the visionary aim, we are looking for solutions that empower people to act sustainably in healthy homes and neighbourhoods.

Fira tests all the solutions at its own test sites in Finland and scales them to the construction industry in other countries. We are starting Fira SuperGreen housing project in Finland and aim at expanding the concept into the US market.

What we already have:

We build homes for the people. To ease living, we constantly bring novel technologies and services to the market with our growing partner network. Our solutions include:

  • Prefabricated Smart HVAC unit Modules that enable sensors to be integrated, faster assembly on site and a better quality with a larger variety of choices for the apartment buyers
  • Geothermal Energy Solution Qheat that enables energy to be stored and re-distributed
  • Open IoT platform IoTflow that enables almost any sensor to collect data from an apartment
  • Fira SiteDrive software for site management and scheduling of a construction process
  • Fira Agile plumbing retrofit system which has gained huge publicity: instead of 3-6-month retrofit process we've been able to provide whole package in 2 weeks.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for visual solutions that motivate home users to act sustainably including:

  • Home automation user interfaces and or their prototypes that make home consumption data (heat, water, air, energy) available, comparable and easy to react to
  • Concepts that encourage people to act sustainably based on the data collected in their homes
  • Novel sensors and gadgets that help in collecting the data
  • Concepts, services and products that improve the healthiness of the residential environments


The entries are evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Market pull – How many client groups and investors are willing to pay for R&D?
  • Technological readiness – Does tech packages in the market place exist to solve the challenge?
  • Synergy – Does it bring together developers from construction, data, service businesses?
  • Scalability – Is it globally scalable due to easy-to-use and easy-to-access features?
  • Lifecycle – Does it create value for the entire lifecycle of a building?

What we are not interested in

  • Unfinished ideas (there should be at least a prototype or a concept)
  • Solutions without relevance for the residents
  • Solutions that have been established globally for a long time

Why you should propose your solution?

All selected solutions will be included and promoted in Fira’s Idea Garden and thus have the following benefits:

  • Possibility of piloting and testing your solution on site
  • Create new business opportunities / cases
  • Access to international construction business
  • Increase your popularity and brand awareness
  • Enlarge your network
  • Possibility of becoming part of Fira’s partner ecosystem

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